Howard to get cortisone shot Monday

(Charles Fox/Staff Photographer)

 Ryan Howard will get a cortisone injection shot in his ailing left foot/ankle Monday, which will probably keep the Phillies top run producer out of the lineup until at least Thursday.

“That’s the plan,” Howard said. “I think I’ll probably be back by Thursday. That’s realistic. They just want to give [the injection] time to settle in, see how it takes or whatnot.”

Howard has bursitis in his ankle, which he injured late last season against Washington, although it’s not clear whether the injury resulted in bursitis. Howard limped noticeably as he ran out a double Friday night.

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“It’s something I think we should treat,” general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “We’ve got to calm it down. It’s been bothering him.”

Howard fouled a ball off of a toe on his other foot during Saturday’s game.