Howard to see doctor

Charlie Manuel said Ryan Howard suffered "a little setback" because of an infection. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)


UPDATE (7:03 p.m.): Ruben Amaro Jr. wanted to clarify Charlie Manuel's comments late Saturday evening. Amaro said Ryan Howard developed a seroma, a type of small cyst, near his wound. That is not the reason for Howard's previously scheduled visit to the doctor.

"The reason to see doctor was routine," Amaro said. "He might treat it. Ryan is doing fine. We don't view it as a setback."


The recovery process for Ryan Howard will not necessarily always follow a straight line. Such is the nature of a serious injury, like the ruptured Achilles tendon.

Howard will leave camp Sunday night for at least two days to see Mark Myerson, the surgeon who repaired the tendon, in Baltimore. Ruben Amaro Jr. called it a "routine check-up," but Howard was seen with a large bandage on the back of his ankle Saturday morning.

Charlie Manuel said Howard suffered "a little setback" because of an infection where the surgical incision was made.

"Where the incision was, sometimes they leave stitches to dissolve," Manuel said. "One broke through the skin and was hanging out. It was causing a little infection. They pulled it out."

Howard took batting practice Saturday with his teammates and launched a few bombs, one of which hit Jose Contreras' big truck. But the team is being cautious with Howard's return, and that's why he'll head to Baltimore and miss at least two days of workouts.

"They'll be looking and testing him," Manuel said. "That's how I understand. It was nothing they were really alarmed about."

Amaro said Howard has progressed. The first baseman could possibly return in time for workouts Wednesday.

"We thought it was a good idea for him to go back there," Amaro said. "... He's doing pretty well. He's progressing pretty well, and it's a good idea for him to see him before he continues forward with more activities."

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