Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a Happy New Year.

I've been taking some time off lately, which is why I haven't been posting on a daily basis. As much as I would love to continue posting daily during my vacation, not posting for a bit helps me keep my sanity for the season. Like Vince Vaughn said in Wedding Crashers, "I'd like to recharge my batteries and shut down the engines and get myself back to neutral." Or something like that. But here are a few things you might like to know (or not):

Phillies fans can watch Game 5 of the World Series at 7 tonight on Comcast SportsNet. CSN also debuts "The Perfect Season" at 7 p.m. tomorrow. The Phillies production is a 90-minute look at the 2008 season. Brad Lidge narrates.


ESPN's SportsCenter breaks down every team's winter with a "Baseball Tonight Hot Stove" series, beginning tonight at 6 p.m with the Phillies.

Steve Phillips breaks down the Phillies.

Other dates Phillies fans might be interested in: Cubs (Sunday), Dodgers (Wednesday), Marlins (Thursday), Braves (Jan. 15), Yankees (Jan. 18), Nationals (Jan. 20) and Mets (Jan. 25).


A little information about MLB Network, which debuted Jan. 1: former Phillies pitchers Mitch Williams and Dan Plesac will be in-studio analysts for MLB Tonight, the network's flagship show. Not sure where to find MLB Network? Go here and type in your zip code.


Bodoglife.com gives the Phillies 11-1 odds to win the World Series in 2009. Here are the top six teams:

Yankees 5/2
Red Sox 11/2
Mets 7/1
Cubs 7/1
Rays 10/1
Phillies 11/1