Grapefruit Wrap: Phillies 10, Tigers 6

The Phillies' .306 on-base percentage in 2013 was the franchise's worst since 1991. But they drew five walks Friday to raise the spring total to 15 in three games. Ryne Sandberg sees an improved approach. "As a group we've gotten walks when strikes aren't thrown," the manager said, "and that's good."

The Phanatic and his hot dog launcher are still adjusting to the smaller confines of Bright House Field. He fired 15 pieces of wrapped meat, and just seven landed in the stands by one unofficial tally. Some dogs flew so high they left the stadium. Hey, it's spring training for everyone.

Phillies (David Buchanan) at Yankees (CC Sabathia), 1 p.m. (WPHT)
1. Ben Revere 8
2. Jimmy Rollins 6
3. Domonic Brown 7
4. Marlon Byrd 0
5. Bobby Abreu 9
6. Darin Ruf 3
7. Cody Asche 5
8. Cameron Rupp 2
9. Cesar Hernandez 4

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