Glanville on A-Rod; Myers

Sitting in an airport waiting for my delayed flight to New York, I came across former Phillie Doug Glanville’s New York Times op-ed about A-Rod and pitch tipping. A nuanced piece, with interesting insights about the game and Rodriguez as a person.

 I’ve received a bunch of emails this morning from people wondering about Brett Myers’ velocity. A legitimate concern, though Myers and his manager had no answers last night. Manuel’s quotes toward the bottom of the game story made clear that he is worried. The manager and pitching staff are baffled at the moment, struggling to explain their inconsistency. A weird night: Though the Phils moved into first place, they know they won’t stay there unless the rotation shows significant improvement.
The offense, on the other hand, is rolling. In case you didn’t notice, the Phils beat two previously undefeated starters this week in Kyle Lohse and Adam Wainwright.