Game 88: Polanco sits again

Placido Polanco will not be lineup for the series finale against the Marlins. (David M Warren/Staff Photographer)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Until he hears otherwise, Placido Polanco is under the assumption his bad back is something he must deal with for the remainder of the season. He can play right now, this much he told Charlie Manuel, but for the second straight day he is out of the lineup.

And the pain has worsened to the point where it hurts when he swings and bends over -- or basically any time he moves. So he requested to see a back specialist in Philadelphia and will do so during the off day Thursday.

"I can play, it's just not comfortable," Polanco said. "So they decided to not play me these two games, take advantage of that day off tomorrow, let it rest and heal and come back Friday."

Polanco did say he was concerned the back pain has caused numbness in his left and right side, which could be a nerve-related issue. That's one of the reasons why he'll see the doctor.

He first felt the pain a month ago. That doesn't account for a .216 batting average since May 1. But it does explain his .213 June and 0-for-July.

The third baseman will still attend the All-Star Game next week.

"Oh yeah I'm going to go," he said. "You don't have that opportunity too often."


No word on Shane Victorino yet. The Phillies will update his condition either Thursday or Friday. Like I said earlier, I wouldn't be shocked if they wait to make a decision on him until during the All-Star break.


The lineup against Anibal Sanchez:

1. Jimmy Rollins 6
2. Michael Martinez 5
3. Chase Utley 4
4. Ryan Howard 3
5. Raul Ibanez 7
6. Carlos Ruiz 2
7. Domonic Brown 9
8. John Mayberry Jr. 8
9. Kyle Kendrick 1

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