Game 70: Riding Mayberry

John Mayberry Jr. is hitting .241 with a .274 on-base percentage. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

There is a righthanded pitcher opposing the Phillies on Wednesday, and usually that means Ty Wigginton is in the lineup. But John Mayberry Jr. will start at first base instead, as he's hit home runs in three straight games.

Mayberry's quest for relevancy has not exactly gone as planned. He's hitting .241 with a paltry .274 on-base percentage. (Raul Ibanez, for the record, is only 20 points better at .294.)

But even as Mayberry has heated up, his season splits tell the story of his career.

vs. RHP (102 PA): .213/.275/.287
vs. LHP (73 PA): .278/.274/.569

No, Mayberry has yet to draw a walk against a lefthanded pitcher. And he has only five extra-base hits against righthanded pitchers. Five of his six home runs have come off lefties.

The full lineup:

1. Jimmy Rollins 6
2. Juan Pierre 7
3. Hunter Pence 9
4. Carlos Ruiz 2
5. Shane Victorino 8
6. Placido Polanco 5
7. John Mayberry Jr. 3
8. Michael Martinez 4
9. Joe Blanton 1

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