Game 129: Before the storm

Saturday night's Marlins-Phillies has been postponed until September 15th. (David M Warren/Staff Photographer)

They will play baseball Friday night in South Philadelphia, but anything beyond that is quite unknown.

Already, Sunday's game was moved to Saturday afternoon, but even that game is in question with Hurricane Irene bearing down. Saturday's originally scheduled game at 7:05 p.m. has been postponed to Sept. 15, the Phillies' last remaining day off this season.

Up north, the Mets have already postponed both Saturday and Sunday's games against Atlanta and moved them to an off day in September, when they'll play two.

The Phillies and Marlins still have hopes of playing Saturday afternoon. Roy Halladay is scheduled to pitch that game. The Phillies pitching schedule beyond that is to be determined, Rich Dubee said.


Who would you rather see as the Phillies' fourth starter in the playoffs?

This is Florida's last trip here. Both teams share a common off day on Sept. 15, and the Phillies players had to approve playing on that day. Union rules prohibit teams from playing games for more than 20 straight days.

As it stands now, the Phillies are scheduled to play 32 games in the season's final 31 days. If Saturday's day game is postponed too, that could swell to 33 games in the final 31 days.

If Saturday's game is rained out, it could be made up as a doubleheader Sept. 15 -- but that would have to be an old-school, twin-bill double dip. Or perhaps the teams play it as part of a doubleheader in Florida next weekend. That, of course, would require the Phillies to surrender a home gate.

Or maybe they vote to shelve the game until the end of the season, if necessary, and simply play 161 games in 2011.

The other issue: How the Phillies will reach Cincinnati for Monday's series opener. The team has multiple travel scenarios. Right now, their hope is to leave immediately after Saturday's day game. But the weather could be too perilous for flight then. That could force the team to leave Monday morning and play later in the day, something players despise.


Raul Ibanez was taking fly balls in left field early Friday afternoon to test his left groin strain. He received an anti-inflammatory injection earlier this week. But John Mayberry Jr. is in the starting lineup again.

1. Shane Victorino 8
2. Placido Polanco 5
3. Chase Utley 4
4. Ryan Howard 3
5. Hunter Pence 9
6. John Mayberry Jr. 7
7. Carlos Ruiz 2
8. Wilson Valdez 6
9. Roy Oswalt 1

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