Game 113: Cody Asche sits

Phillies third baseman Cody Asche. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

When Ruben Amaro Jr. said Tuesday that the remainder of the season "gives us an opportunity to see some of our young players," he was not talking specifically about Michael and Delmon. The Phillies want Darin Ruf and Cody Asche to prove their value during meaningless baseball.

But Asche is not in the lineup Wednesday, a day after he accumulated two hits and scored two runs. Instead, Michael Young is at third base while Delmon Young is in right field. That puts Ruf at first base.

Manager Charlie Manuel said he envisions Ruf playing every day for the rest of the season. That distinction should be bestowed upon Asche, too, but Michael Young's presence complicates that. The Phillies are clearly dedicated to playing the 36-year-old Young even though he probably does not have a future here.

Manuel said Tuesday he expects Asche to improve with "experience." His learning will be confined to the bench Wednesday.


Is Darin Ruf the answer in right field?

"I just want to go slow with him for a while, let him get a good feel for what he’s doing," Manuel said before Wednesday's game. "I’ve seen times when you turn guys loose and they don’t respond good. I think it’s better to kind of take it easy with him, let him see if he can’t have some success before you turn him loose. That’s what my experience has told me. I’ve seen some players be turned loose in the big leagues and they have trouble right from the start and it really sets them back."

The lineup against lefty Travis Wood:

1. Michael Young 5
2. Kevin Frandsen 4
3. Jimmy Rollins 6
4. Domonic Brown 7
5. Darin Ruf 3
6. Delmon Young 9
7. John Mayberry Jr. 8
8. Erik Kratz 2
9. Cole Hamels 1

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