Durbin and pal in Cliff Lee tweetfest

Chad Durbin pitched a scoreless ninth inning last night to conclude Cliff Lee’s eight-inning masterpiece.   He and a friend spent the next day lavishing tweeted praise on the Phils ace.


The Twitter account shared by Durbin and his business partner Jake Chapman, @showcaseU, was abuzz with praise about Lee’s performance.  Showcase U provides assistance to amateur athletes attempting to market themselves to college and professional scouts.


The Chuck Norris-esque one-liners began soon after the game and appeared steadily into the afternoon.  Chapman, who pitched in the minor leagues for seven years (“great guy and great lefty,” Durbin said) actually did the tweeting, soliciting contributions from Durbin.


A sampling:


Can Cliff Lee pitch on one night's sleep?...Did you know? 4 days a week, Cliff Lee works as the Philly Phanatic...Cliff Lee just made breakfast for my family...stay hot!..I heard Cliff Lee just dunked on Andre Iguodala during a Sixers walk-through this morning. Amazing....I pulled Cliff Lee's finger and gold coins filled his shorts…Cliff Lee counted to infinity...twice...the boogie man checks under his bed at night, he's checking for Cliff Lee.


Tweet away, Chad and Jeff.