Dubee Answers Your Questions

Earlier this week I asked The Phillies Zone readers for any questions they had for Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee.

I picked what I considered the 10 best.

I asked.

Dubee answered.

Unfortunately, only eight questions made the newspaper because of space (a question about Adam Eaton, and my favorite question got cut). If you want, you can listen to the entire interview below. But for those who don't have the time, here's my favorite question that got axed:

Question: Do you have any brothers? If you do and you formed a musical group what would you call yourself since the Doobie Brothers has been taken? – Loyd K., Lincoln, Ill.
Answer: First of all, I don’t have any brothers. I have a sister. Second of all, I don’t think we have a bit of musical ability in our family, so I don’t think I’d ever have to worry about that question.


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Listen to the Q&A with Dubee.