Dubee not keen on Halladay starting All-Star Game

Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay leads the league in innings pitched. (Darren Calabrese/AP, The Canadian Press)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Shane Victorino is campaigning for the final roster spot on the National League All-Star team.*

Rich Dubee is campaigning for Roy Halladay to not be named the team's starting pitcher.

Halladay leads the league in innings pitched by seven over teammate Cliff Lee. If he is named starter by Bruce Bochy, Halladay must pitch two innings. Dubee, the Phillies' pitching coach, is not keen on that idea.

"You're looking at a guy that's leading the league in innings pitched by a pretty good size," Dubee said. "I don't know that you can deny [the starting job]. It would be an honor. But at the same time, this guy is taking on a big workload again, like he always does. We'll wait and see what happens."

Halladay figures to be a top candidate to start for the NL. His primary contender is Jair Jurrjens, who shares a 11-3 record with Halladay and has a 1.89 ERA that leads the majors. But Halladay has pitched almost 30 more innings and has 68 more strikeouts than Jurrjens.

Will Dubee reach out to Bochy to make his side heard?

"I don't know," Dubee said. "I don't know how you go about it."

Halladay, for one, was open to the idea but definitely lukewarm.

"Obviously you go there to pitch and that’s the main idea, but there are definitely other guys that are worthy of it," Halladay said. "Whether they ask me or not I don’t know. The only thing I always try to keep in mind is how is this going to affect me going forward? Obviously starting you have to pitch longer than if you come in later. Not that it’s always in your control, but it’s just things you consider and you talk over with the staff here."

Halladay started the game in 2009 and it didn't have an effect on him then. He had a 2.85 ERA in 123 innings before the break and a 2.72 ERA in 116 innings after.

But his workload is heavier this season than it was in 2009. And the Phillies appear determined to limit potential pitfalls.

*Victorino, by the way, leads the Final Vote on MLB.com after 24 hours. Voting ends Thursday.

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