Domonic Brown needs help to start All-Star Game

Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown. (David M Warren/Staff Photographer)

Domonic Brown leads the National League in home runs. He does not appear on Major League Baseball's first release of All-Star Game voting results.

There is time, of course, for Brown to mount a charge to start the 84th Midsummer Classic in New York. Balloting ends June 28 in stadiums. Fans can vote online until July 4.

For now, here are the (at least) 15 outfielders ahead of Brown. The top three start the game:


Who is the Phillies’ most likely all-star?

1. Justin Upton Braves 1,184,249
2. Bryce Harper Nationals 1,182,532
3. Ryan Braun Brewers 945,665
4. Carlos Beltran Cardinals 847,924
5. Shin-Soo Choo Reds 743,755
6. Hunter Pence Giants 624,972
7. Andrew McCutchen Pirates 576,201
8. Angel Pagan Giants 572,400
9. Matt Holliday Cardinals 491,629
10. Carlos Gonzalez Rockies 482,719
11. Gregor Blanco Giants 475,662
12. Carlos Gomez Brewers 472,272
13. B.J. Upton Braves 420,104
14. Matt Kemp Dodgers 389,372
15. Jay Bruce Reds 374,852

The Phillies will be hurt in that 21 of their 29 games until July 4 are on the road. There will not be many chances for Phillies fans to stuff ballots at Citizens Bank Park.

If Brown is not voted into the game by fans, he stands a good shot of making it as a reserve.

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