Dobbs in lineup, Lidge says he's ok

Good afternoon from Citizens Bank. Ah, the 3:40 start. Day games allow me to go out to dinner; night games give me time to sleep in. Fox games eat up the entire day.  Thanks, Rupe.

But it’s a nice day for a ballgame. Spoke with Brad Lidge a little while ago, and he said that he’s healthy, just trying to recover his mechanics after missing time due to knee inflammation. Greg Dobbs, who Charlie Manuel said was not as sharp as usual because of limited at-bats, starts at third today.
Here are the lineups:
Rollins SS
Victorino CF
Utley 2b
Howard 1B
Werth RF
Ibanez LF
Dobbs 3b
Coste C
Blanton RHP
Johnson 2b
Escobar SS
Jones 3b
Anderson LF
McCann C
Kotchman 1b
Franceour RF
Schafer CF
Vazquez RHP