Condrey activated, Walker designated

I’m working on another project this weekend, so am not in Miami and won’t be blogging as much during this series. But wanted to pass along that the Phils activated Clay Condrey from the DL this morning and designated Tyler Walker for assignment. Walker did a pretty nice job filling in, but he was obviously going to be the one to go when Condrey returned. 

When you think about it, last year’s Condrey-Durbin-Eyre-Romero-Madson-Lidge team has seldom been together this season, between drug suspensions and injuries. Now that they’re finally lined up for the second half, we’ll see how that helps the team.


As I’m sure you know, Michael Taylor is now livin here in Allentown, where they're closing all the blah blah. The way I see it, the Phillies have to trade this guy, regardless of his talent and potential. Why? Three little reasons named Werth, Victorino and Ibanez. Taylor turns 24 soon, so by the time Ibanez’s contract is up (heck, even by the time Werth’s contract is up after next season), the kid will be too old. 
Ibanez will likely remain injury-prone because of his advanced age—that gets back to the questionable wisdom of signing him to a three-year deal—and Taylor would likely get opportunities to fill in over the next few years.   But he deserves an organization that truly needs him, and if the Phils want Roy Halladay, they are best to sacrifice at a position that is full.

UPDATE: Just glanced at the comments, and one thing I don't understand is some people's continued reluctance to embrace Werth.  It's a serious question I'd like to throw out there: What is it about this guy that makes many of you wary of him?

PhillyTheKid made what I thought was a good point, perhaps with more precision than I did.  It's not so much that Taylor will be too old when Werth's current contract expires, it's that Werth could very well last more than another year.  He'll be 31 at the end of the 2010 season.  So if you're set there, Taylor is expendable.  I mean, Werth could very well hit 40 homers, lead the team in OBP and play stellar defense this year. Isn't Werth already giving you Taylor's best-case scenario?

And as for those who'd rather trade Mayberry--Duh, as the kids say. Good luck with that.

And furthermore, Ibanez is 37.  It is likely that his age will catch up with him and result in more injuries as he turns 38 and 39.  That's just the way baseball works.  But you can't keep Taylor around to fill in during Ibanez's DL stints.  That's a job for a Mark DeRosa-type, not an uber-prospect.

Here's PK:
PS: why do any of you think Werth's last year with the Phils is next season? We're going to get rid of him in his prime? Not only do I hope NOT, but I don't think so! He may not warm your hearts like Vic, Utley and Howard, but this guy is the ONLY 5-tool player on the team! PK PS: I realize some of you will dispute the "5-tool" tag because of his batting avg...Is there really that much difference between 27 hits and 30 hits/100 AB's?