Comment of the week!

I was in a patriotic mood last Sunday, blogging from the press box at Nationals Park with the capitol dome in the distance, and asked you readers to come up with a comparison between a U.S. president and baseball figure. There were some smart ones in there, such as Willie Randolph and James Buchanan (both presided over a collapse and were not around for the ugly fallout). But bacbank’s succinct but pointed analogy was sharp, and won…..drumroll….Blog Comment of the Week!!!

RE: Weekend Wrap—A Sweep in the District
Posted by bacbank 07:36 PM, 05/18/2009
Bud Selig = Herbert Hoover. No matter what successes they actually accomplished in their service, these two will forever be associated with their failures.
Also, just a reminder that I won’t be in NY this weekend, so the blog will be unplugged barring major news. I’m not disappointed to miss the new Yankee Stadium. I know I joke around by calling the place fraudulent, but they really have damaged their community with that unnecessary gilded palace. If you’re interested in great reporting about stadium issues, check out Neil deMause’s
Enjoy the weekend. It should be a fun series between two good teams, and J.A. Happ’s rotation debut will make for fun watchin’ tomorrow.