Charlie's bullpen clues

With Kyle Kendrick, Joe Blanton and Pedro Martinez pitching in relief, the Phillies bullpen is dramatically different than during the regular season. This afternoon, Charlie Manuel offered clues about how he would use the pitchers.  Though still a bit vague, this answer gave us a better idea what he was thinking than we had before.  Don't be totally shocked to see Blanton in a one-run save situation, if one arises.

“I can put Pedro Martinez to face a couple of hitters, but at the same time I also look at him as a guy that can go one or two innings, if we needed some length. As far as Brad Lidge, I don’t foresee putting in Lidge in early. I do foresee putting him in late…and that’s one of the reasons we’ve got Blanton down there, too. 
“We want somebody when we get into the seventh inning, we want to be able to go through the seventh, eighth, ninth inning with Blanton, Madson, Lidge. Might not be in that order.”    


Cole Hamels is long-tossing and working out in Philly while enjoying the first days of fatherhood.  He won't join the team in Denver, which makes sense given that he needs to prepare for a possible Game 5.


It is cold.  Nearly as cold as last night, when everyone said it would be crazy to play.  The weather will make this game an interesting and novel event, but I wouldn't want to swing at an inside fastball tonight. Cuz, you know, on a warm night I would.  Canadian Matt Stairs, who is either one tough SOB or insane, is wearing a light windbreaker with short sleeves.  Most of these guys are pretty layered.