Charlie explains his anger

Joe West ejects Charlie Manuel after overturning a call after a video review. (Hector Gabino/AP Photo, El Nuevo Herald)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Of course it ended this way at Sun Life Stadium. Charlie Manuel was fired up enough afterward, so I'll let his words explain it all...

What did Joe explain on why he went to replay?
He said… I thought that what I saw was they wanted to review it, they called it in play for a double. I thought they wanted to review it to see if it was a home run. That’s what I thought. I don’t know. At the same time I was arguing because if they wanted to see if it was for a defensive play, I didn’t think you could do that. My understanding is that’s not the rule. Even if you go look for a home run or a double, even if you see a defensive play doesn’t come into play there, I don’t think. That was my argument.

Did you ask for a replay?
No. I didn’t ask for it. I went out there when McKeon was arguing with the umpire. I was just going to wait bc I wanted to talk to him. I did not ask, they didn’t ask me, I didn’t ask for that.

So Jack asked?
I don’t know why else they’d replay it unless Jack asked for interference. I don’t know. You’d have to ask Jack and them that, I wasn’t involved in that

Did you file the protest?
[Pete Mackanin] had to go tell them because I was already thrown out of the game. You can’t review a defensive play, that’s my understanding. I didn’t ask for any replay for a double or a home run. The umpire called it a double, he signaled two bases. Once he signaled two bases, then McKeon went on the field. You’d have to ask him what he wanted. Once they reviewed the play… all of a sudden they put the defensive part in there. As I understand the rule, you can review to see if it was a home run, if it went out of the park, but you cannot be reviewing a defensive play. That’s how I understand the rule. I don’t know how they interpret it, but that’s my understanding. I could be wrong. I don’t know.

Did Petersen have a chance to catch the ball?
I think… I saw the replay and if you go look, the fielder is running. It looked kind of to me like the guy was standing there… he was real close to him. At the same time, even if you call interference, it means the fan had to interfere with him. And you assume that he’s going to make the catch. But if you go look at it, the guy was trying to catch the ball, the right fielder, he jumped and… I used to be an outfielder: when you run and you jump and you hit the fence, a lot of time you’ll miss the ball. And they assumed - just like everything else in this game anymore – they assumed that he was going to catch the ball. That’s what I saw.


Which Phillie is poised for a huge postseason?

Why would Jack want a HR review?
Exactly. Exactly. I don’t think he’s going to ask them to review a double into a home run.

Watch game from office?
I watched the game from (the clubhouse). This TV don’t work.

Did the delay affect Halladay?
It might have affected him. It was eight or 12 minutes. I know I’m not supposed to question review plays, but I wasn’t questioning the review play. I was questioning the interpretation of the rule about the defense. That’s why he threw me out because I wasn’t supposed to be arguing, but I wasn’t contesting the review. I was contesting the rule.

Will you come back to play again?
If it takes the loss away, we’ll come back. Our priority is to win the game. But there again, I’d like to know what grants (Joe West) a review of a defensive play. At that time, I didn’t get a chance to ask him a lot of things because he didn’t want to talk to me really. He absolutely didn’t want to talk to me, and he used the thing where you can’t question a review play.

They assumed he was going to catch the ball and assuming is not how it’s played. Because when he’s moving and you hit the fence and stuff, a lot of times it jars you and you’re going to miss the ball. They just thought, being as that guy’s being there, that’s interference. I’ll argue that with you too. I played there 20 years. Yessirree. At the least we should’ve got a double out of it. At the least. Any way you want to cut it.


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