CC and Lee texting about Bronx meeting

When the fans made the transition in the late innings tonight form “Beat L.A.” to “Yankees Suck,” this clincher felt inevitable.  Congratulations to the Phillies for achieving what the franchise had never before done by winning two straight National League pennants.

Speaking of the Yanks, our man Marc Narducci in Anaheim learned an interesting tidbit from CC Sabathia, and Cliff Lee confirmed it today.  The two lefties, former longtime teammates and still good friends from their days together with the Cleveland Indians, have been texting back and forth in anticipation of a potential Game 1 matchup.

The Yankees hold a three-games-to-one lead over the Los Angeles Angels in the ALCS.

"We have texted back and forth, but we haven't talked," Sabathia said before yesterday's workout at Angel Stadium.

"It's never anything super important; I don't even remember exactly what we said," Lee said. "We texted when I got traded. We joked about hitting [in the National League] a little bit."

Sabathia is excited for his friend's success with the Phillies, although that could change next week. "He throws the ball where he wants to, using both sides of the plate," Sabathia said. "He's a tough pitcher, and I'm happy to see he is doing well."

Said Lee: "I've stayed pretty close with him since he left Cleveland," Lee said. "But that might have to change next week."

Just one of many subplots sure to develop in what should continue to be an exciting October/November.   Enjoy your post-clinch parties.