Booing Jimmy, Cheering Jayson

Jayson Werth looks into the Phillies dugout after he homers in the eighth inning last night.

They came, some booed, they cheered when Jayson Werth homered.

That's pretty much the story from last night's 5-4 victory over the Nationals at Citizens Bank Park.

Jimmy Rollins heard a mix of boos and cheers before each of his four at-bats. He heard only boos after he made outs in those at-bats, although he hit the ball hard in three of them. He flied out to the warning track in right-center field in the eighth. When the ball left the bat it looked for a second like it might have a chance to be a go-ahead home run or a double off the wall.

You could sense fans were ready to erupt with cheers, but the ball was caught.

"If they want to boo me, that's fine. Boo me," Rollins said. "Just keep it off everyone else. . . . You had some cheers, you had some boos. Like I said, when you get the win, they'll cheer you."

They cheered when Werth hit the go-ahead homer following Rollins' at-bat in the eighth. It provided a much needed victory against a terrible team the Phillies should continue to beat this week. The Phillies remain 1 1/2 games behind the Mets.

"It seems to me I hear we're out of it right now, like we're not even close," Werth said of the division race among the Mets, the Phillies, and the Florida Marlins. "But the reality is we're a game and a half back with six weeks to play," he said. "I feel we're the best team in this division. We just need to go out there and play like it."


Why are we booing? John Gonzalez explains.


I saw a photo of a fan holding a sign that said, "Phillies Fan 45 Years. J-Roll Fan No Longer. Trade Him."

Really? Trade him? That's how upset you are at Rollins?

Dude, come on.


The Phillies have won 3 of 4, but have hit just .200 in those four games. They are hitting .184 in their last seven games and .204 in August.


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