bski by a nose

I am in the aiport en route to Miami, so I have no news for you regarding Cole Hamels or the Phils weak effort today.  Jim Salisbury does, however, and he's already posted some of it  on our website.
But I can tell you that this week's competition for Wise Comment of the Week was tight.  The discussion regarding my suggestion that Manuel should have named names in his Monday quasi-rant was particularly thoughtful, though no one seemed to agree with me (I can take it).  But bski, always a source of mature and rational thoughts, offered a nice take.  Congrats, bski, your random letters will identify you in the Sunday paper.
Also, props to the group for self-policing some racist commentary on the same subject.  You have the power to keep this thing respectable, and I applaud you for exercising it.
Posted by bski 02:05 PM, 04/21/2009
This is the next step in the progression for Manuel. He has been talking about how the team needs to forget about last season success and start focusing on what they need to do to be successful this season for a little while now. It seems like each successive statement he makes on the subject is more stern and foreboding. This one almost comes across as a parental thing. You know, like when you were a kid and you were horsing around/fighting/making a racket with a brother/sister/friend and one of your parents would yell, "Don't make me come up there!", or "If you guys can't work it out, I'll work it out for you!", that type of thing. Well, it sounds to me like the parental warning has been issued and if the situation doesn't correct itself very soon, then Charlie will address it (i.e. the individual player or players) directly, just like he has in the past.