April 8 - Phillies vs. Mets

Phillies win. Mets lose.

What else is new, huh?


Jimmy Rollins' single to right scored Carlos Ruiz from second to make it 4-2 in the eighth. He later scored, but is no longer in the game. No word yet on what happened. But he appeared to make an awkward turn when he tried to get back to second on Aaron Heilman's pickoff attempt. Eric Bruntlett is playing shortstop with the Phillies holding a 5-2 lead.

Update: Rollins sprained his left ankle. No word on how serious the injury is.


Could the Mets be choking away another game? In the top of the seventh, Mets reliever Scott Schoenweis allowed singles to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino and hit Chase Utley with a pitch (the third time today he has been hit with a pitch) to load the bases with one out. Ryan Howard then hit a grounder to first baseman Carlos Delgado. Double play? Nope. Delgado's throw hit Utley in the back (the fourth time he has been hit with a thrown ball). Rollins and Victorino both scored on the play to make it 2-2.

Jayson Werth then laced a single to right field against Jorge Sosa to score Utley to hand the Phillies a 3-2 lead.


Oliver Perez is out, but the Phillies still trail 2-0 entering the seventh. Perez walked two batters with two outs in the sixth. Joe Smith walked Pedro Feliz to load the bases, but Carlos Ruiz bounced out to short to end the inning.


Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth smashed into each other pretty good in right-center field in the fourth inning, but both remain standing. Victorino and Werth pursued a fly ball off David Wright's bat. Replays show Victorino calling for the ball. He caught it, but Werth ultimately showed second base umpire Ted Barrett the ball.


Carlos Delgado's solo homer to right in the second inning has been the only run so far.

No fights ... yet.


This is the final home opener at Shea Stadium, which is a good thing.

This place stinks.

The Phillies lined up on the field for pregame introductions. Jimmy Rollins received the loudest boos as expected. He raised his cap to the fans as he ran onto the field. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers also received louder boos than o thers. Hamels tipped his cap. Myers raised his.

The Phillies have played the Mets in seven previous home openers at Shea. The Phillies are 0-7.