Another Doubleheader? Awesome!

I hear a lot of people wax poetic about doubleheaders they attended years ago.

I really loved those doubleheaders.

Jimmy Rollins needs to play like a MVP down the stretch to give the Phils a shot at the playoffs.

All day at the ballpark! Yeah! Too bad they don't schedule them anymore.

Well, in my opinion, that is just plain crazy. Just. Plain. Crazy. Let's play two? Forget that. There's a reason why doubleheaders aren't scheduled anymore. Because it's too much baseball. Of course, maybe I'm saying this because this is the second consecutive Sunday day-night doubleheader. OK, enough of  that. The Phillies have a chance to pull even in the National League wild-card race by sweeping those gagging, choking, shriveling Brewers today after they beat them yesterday at Citizens Bank Park, 7-3.


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