And the winner is...

As I mentioned last weekend, we’ll be running a blog comment of the week in the newspaper each Sunday with my Phillies column. Congratulations to loyal reader El Zorro for earning the inaugural designation. Here’s why this one was selected: I’m not saying I agree with every point, but it is an evenhanded analysis, with evidence to support the arguments. Also, El Zorro did not 1) call his fellow commentors idiots; 2) call me drunk (libelous! I’m just buzzed); 3) call the president a socialist (libelous! he’s a left-leaning politician). One thing, a first and last name would have been preferable, because it’s better when people attach their identity to an opinion. But this is the blogosphere…Congrats, El Zorro. You win the honor of seeing your words committed to ink and then used to wrap fish on Monday.

RE: 161-1 still possible
Posted by EL Zorro 10:10 AM, 04/06/2009
Ok, Charlie, if you are worried about Victorino not getting enough ABs in the spring, isn't better to put him in the 2 hole, so he can get maybe an extra AB in each game? Just a thought. BTW, was it that Lowe was great or the whole team is a little bit behind offensively? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Victorino, JRoll and Ruiz played in the Classic and Feliz and Utley were brought slowly. Although Werth had a nice spring, he also has some (minor) injury issues. Basically the starting lineup as a unit did not get enough playing time. ---- About the 3 lefties in a row, Charlie is making it easier for the other manager to maneuver his bullpen late in games. Remember, our best pinch hitters are lefties also. I don’t care how good they hit lefties, odds are they would do better against righties, especially hitting the ball hard instead of hitting an opposite field semi-line drive because they are protecting the plate against a breaking ball in the outside. Baseball is a game of chess in the late innings; you don’t want to be in a checkmate situation too often. (See last night’s game for reference).
One more thing, because I've received some good questions about Hamels' velocity.  He told me yesterday that his 84-89 mph fastball (hitting 90 once) was normal for April, and that he doesn't typically hit peak velocity until May.  MLB's official website confirms this: Hamels fastball ranged from 84-89 mph during his season debut last year, April 2 against Washington.  It appears that young Colbert knows his arm.