Amaro on Eyre, Gordon and Feliz

Phillies assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. met with reporters after today's 3-0 loss to the Florida Marlins to talk about Scott Eyre, Tom Gordon and Pedro Feliz.

On Scott Eyre, who the team acquired today from the Chicago Cubs: "We did check on his health. Earlier in the year he had a bone spur and some inflammation in his left elbow that was resolved. He came out and pitched quite well for a while, then he hurt his groin and was not being used a lot. Then it came back again, and I guess his last two or three outings he hadn't pitched as well as he did previously. Hence, the higher ERA. But he's a guy with a lot of experience. We feel he's healthy. And the fact that he's got experience and has had success in the past we felt it was important ... we were looking for a lefthander for a long time and we think that this lefthander can help us.

"Again, this is a veteran guy. He's had success in the playoffs. He'll rise to the challenge. He's been through it. Having those kind of experienced guys is helpful.

"Probably lack of use, I would think (explains his recent struggles). He wasn't as effective the last few times out, but we still think he's got enough bullets in that 36-year-old arm to be able to help us."

On Tom Gordon, who left Wednesday's rehab start for single-A Clearwater with discomfort in his right elbow: "We're not optimistic. We're still waiting on some diagnostics, but we're not optimistic we're going to have him anytime soon."

On Pedro Feliz, who is out with lower back inflammation: "Pedro is much improved. It's going to take some time still. Backs are tricky. He started doing some exercises. I think he actually started throwing yesterday and doing some other things. He's like not to travel with us (out West), but we're probably going to get him out next week at some point, if he's healthy enough to do so, on a rehab stint of some sort."

Eyre could be with the team tomorrow, when the team will make a roster move.