Amaro: Polanco is feeling better

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. discussed Placido Polanco's back injury prior to Game 1. Here is what he had to say:

(What is the official diagnosis?)
It's mid-back soreness, tightness. I guess it was Monday, he got out of his car and he didn't feel right. We treated him yesterday. He didn't come out for too many activities. He got better. Then he woke up this morning and he was better. Then he came to the ballpark and he just wasn't well enough.

(He didn't fall out of the car, did he?)
He did not fall out of the car, that I know of. He told me yesterday he doesn't really remember doing anything. It happens.

(First felt it in the car?)
I think so.

(Charlie said he was worse this morning...)
He felt better. He felt worse. It's gone back and forth. He obviously felt bad enough he told Charlie he couldn't go. He's actually doing better right now. He just had some more treatment. I just talked to [head athletic trainer] Scott Sheridan. He's doing better. Who knows? Maybe he's better by the end of the game.

(Did you think about leaving him off?)
No. Nope. I hope by the end of the day he's ready.

(Did it affect your roster decisions?)
We were pretty certain he would be fine. We thought he'd be OK. After talking to Scott and Polly, it wasn't alarming that it was going to affect our roster. If it was more serious, yeah.

(Back issues before?)
No, I don't think so.

(You played shorthanded all year. Figures this happens, right?)
It wouldn't be normal. It's been a normal occurrence for us. But we have a very viable option in Valdez and he'll play today.

(Is this the time you're happy all 29 teams passed on Valdez earlier?)
I've thanked my lucky stars quite a few times. He's done a great job for us.