Amaro: Lidge is 'progressing'

HOUSTON -- Lots of questions from readers about Brad Lidge this morning. He was shelled in a rehab outing at Clearwater on Saturday when he couldn't finish an inning before allowing four runs. It was his first appearance in a game situation since receiving a cortisone shot March 30.

Today, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. would only issue a statement through a team PR official regarding Lidge.

"He's progressing with his arm strength," Amaro said in the statement. "He has no reported pain in his elbow."

That's all. Amaro would not make himself available for questions, so take it for what it's worth.

We haven't been given any indication as to what Lidge's velocity was like Saturday. He might not be doing it on purpose, but it certainly appears like Amaro is dodging the issue. Yeah, it was only one outing in a rehab game, but given Lidge's history with concealing injury and the fact that he's already had a cortisone shot...well it's just about time to start wondering what's really going on.

Lidge will pitch in another rehab outing Monday for Clearwater. Lefthander J.C. Romero, who hasn't allowed a run in two rehab outings, will pitch again Tuesday in a rehab game.