A clearer look at the payroll

With the exchange of arbitration figures on Tuesday, we have a clearer picture of what the final 2010 payroll should look like. And at this point, based on a few projections, the Phillies have hit that $140 million mark that Ruben Amaro Jr. set as the bar earlier in the offseason.

Real news is coming soon. Only 28 days until pitchers and catchers. So gobble this up as you contemplate the validity of scouting Eric Gagne...

Player                Salary (in millions)

Ryan Howard     $19
Chase Utley       $15.286
Raul Ibanez       $12.167
Brad Lidge         $12
Roy Halladay     $9.751
Jimmy Rollins     $8.5
Jamie Moyer      $8
Jayson Werth     $7.5
Cole Hamels      $6.65
Placido Polanco  $5.167
Ryan Madson     $4.833
J.C. Romero      $4.25
Danys Baez       $2.5
Chad Durbin      $2.125
Greg Dobbs       $1.35
Brian Schneider  $1.125
Ross Gload        $1
Juan Castro       $0.7
TOTAL: 121.903

Kyle Kendrick      $0.5
Ben Francisco      $0.45
J.A. Happ            $0.45
Antonio Bastardo $0.4
Scott Mathieson   $0.4
TOTAL: 2.15

Joe Blanton         $8.875
Shane Victorino   $5.275
Carlos Ruiz         $2.1
TOTAL: 16.25

Adam Eaton      $0.5
Pedro Feliz        $0.5
Geoff Jenkins    $1.25
TOTAL: 2.25

2010 PAYROLL TOTAL: $142.5535

1. Halladay's actual 2010 salary is $15.75 million but the Blue Jays will pay $6 million of it.

2. The unsigned players are under Phillies' control, they just haven't agreed to a contract. Those players will typically receive limited raises from last season as they have not hit their arbitration years yet. We're estimating on those numbers. We're also taking a stab at the 25-man roster by throwing Bastardo and Mathieson on there.

3. We explained the process yesterday of how teams will typically settle with their arbitration players before the case can be heard by a panel of arbitrators. Usually the deals will result in the sides agreeing to a contract near or at the midpoint of the two exchanged figures from each party -- but not always. Still, those are the projections we will use for the benefit of this worksheet.

4. OK, yes, get angry about paying Geoff Jenkins $1.25 million this season. But think about this: Beginning in 2011, the Mets will pay Bobby Bonilla $1.19 million in deferred money every July 1 until 2035. Seriously.

5. We're not responsible for any mathematical errors. OK, we are. But obviously this isn't a fixed number and will change -- especially depending on how Blanton's case plays out and who starts the season the disabled list.