3, 4, 5, 6 In A Row

Jamie Moyer did his job last night in Oakland. The offense did not and the Phillies lost, 5-2.

Don't pin this one on Jamie Moyer.

He did his job.

He pitched beautifully through six innings last night in a 5-2 loss to the A's at McAfee Coliseum. He just got no run support, which has been a trend in the Phillies' six-game losing streak. The Phillies have the worst record in baseball since they swept the Braves in Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

"We've got guys not hitting," Charlie Manuel said. "I mean swinging bad. Swinging at balls in the dirt. Chasing balls over their heads. It looks like they've never seen a baseball. Really. They can go back to square one and think about what they've always done. And that's be aggressive, but at the same time be patient enough to get good balls to hit. That right there is how we're going to come out of it."

Bob Ford thinks just like Manuel apparently. He said while it might be nice to add C.C. Sabathia, this team is built around its offense and only the offense is going to carry it into the postseason.


Of course, they might need a little bullpen help down the road. Tom Gordon hasn't pitched since June 15 because of a "balky" right shoulder. He said he's fine. But should the shoulder act up again and again, the Phillies might need to shore up the strongest part of their pitching staff.


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