Phillies shouldn't be a seller - just yet

ST. LOUIS -- With the fact that there are few super teams in Major League Baseball and that anything can happen in the postseason, it seems now is not the time for the Phillies to blow up the team.

Many would disagree, and there are plenty who feel the true Phillies surfaced during the final to losses of this seven-game road trip instead of the squad that won the first five.

While it would be foolish to mortgage the future, if the Phillies asked this reporter - and up to this point not surprisingly they haven’t - this is way too early to throw in the proverbial towel.

Maybe in two weeks, three weeks, a month, but now.

Washington, even with Bryce Harper injured, should have buried the Phillies by now. Instead, the Phillies are within five games. The Phillies are also within six games of the second wild card spot.

If the Phillies do rebuild, they could be years away from being this close through three weeks of June.

And if Cliff Lee returns to form, that would be like making a trade deadline move.

The Phillies two biggest flaws are their starting pitching and their outfield. There are no internal options on either. Cameron Perkins, who hit .342 at Reading before being promoted to Lehigh Valley, is batting just .217 for the IronPigs.

There is nothing to discuss about the state of the minor league starting pitching. Wide-eyed optimists are hoping that this year's first round draft choice Aaron Nola can zip through the system.

Out of 82 players who qualified in the National League from all positions, Ben Revere is 75th with a .620 OPS and Domonic Brown is 78th at .598.

To top that off, the two have combined for one outfield assist, with Revere looking for his first.

Teams continue to take liberties on the bases with Revere as the Cardinals did again in Sunday’s 5-3 win on Jhonny Peralta’s two-run single.

So back to the rebuilding plan.

The Phillies have waited this long, what’s another five weeks?

At this writing, there are seven teams within 6.5 games of the second wildcard spot. In fact in the N.L. only the Cubs, San Diego and Arizona seem out of it.

The Phillies could join that group, but not quite yet.

Grated, with so many teams in the race, it makes it even harder to acquire an upgrade.

There might be teams looking to sell off players who will be free agents, but that isn’t a great list. Check it out from

Maybe the five straight road wins were fool’s gold, but being five out of the division and six of the wild card in a league where there are no super powers, should have the Phillies staying in.

There is always time to pull out and count your losses. It’s just that now doesn’t seem to be that time for the Phillies.