Amaro updates Galvis' condition

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. just updated the situation on infielder Freddy Galvis after the team earlier stated that he has a staph infection.

Now there is some uncertainty.

“Freddy I believe has at least a staph infection and will be in the hospital a couple of days,” Amaro said. “He had an abscess obviously and there was an infection there.”

The abscess in his left knee was removed on Wednesday.

Then Amaro added more on the situation.

“It could end up being MRSA and we have to find out if it is,” he said. “That is what they are studying now.”

Due to the uncertainty, there is no true timetable on his return, but Amaro concedes that Galvis will likely start the season on the disabled list.
“Clearly his time frame would be much longer if it is MRSA,” Amaro said. “I am not sure what the timetable is if it is just a staph infection. Right now we are concerned about his overall health more than anything else.”

 So for now, Galvis will be treated in the hospital.

“He is going to stay in the hospital and have IV antibiotics and also oral antibiotics and hopefully after these next couple of days it is oral antibiotics but we will see,” Amaro said.

Amaro added that the clubhouse would be disinfected postgame today.

As for immediate replacements, Amaro said that non-roster infielders Ronny Cedeno and Reid Brignac will get a look to fill in for Galvis. Amaro also didn’t discount looking outside the organization.