Brown keeps power display in perspective

Domonic Brown and Michael Young celebrate their second-inning runs against the New York Mets on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

By Marc Narducci

Maybe in the old days, like last year, Domonic Brown would have been styling after that moon-shot of a home run.

Brown sent one to the second deck in right field, a three-run first inning blast during Wednesday’s 7-3 win over the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park.

While Brown is still searching for more consistency, his reaction to the home run shows that the 25-year-old outfielder may be maturing as a big leaguer.

As soon as he hit his second home run of the season, Brown had other business to tend to instead of admiring his work.

“When I am going around the bases and high fiving teammates, I am thinking of the next at bat and what I could do,” Brown said.

He insists that he didn’t get any extra satisfaction from seeing a ball he absolutely crushed.

“No, back in the day I would (get extra satisfaction) and then go and strike out two or three more times,” he said. “I have to be prepared and focused on the next at bat.”

Brown is batting .242 (we know the usual disclaimer that it’s early) and his only two extra base hits in 33 at bats have been his home runs.

Defensively he is a work in progress in left field, but Brown does seem more relaxed and not looking over his shoulder. The Phillies appear intent on giving him a full season’s worth of at bats and see what he can do. Even when Delmon Young returns, Brown should remain in left field.

Besides learning all the pitchers he will face, Brown and all young players have to learn how to deal with success (and of course failure).

Being part of an offense that for the last two nights has clouted six home runs, Brown seems more relaxed, knowing he doesn’t even have to even think of carrying the load.

“We’re not missing our pitches,” he said. “We’re going out there preparing the right way and making sure we are having fun and doing our thing when guys get on base.”

Brown always talks about having fun. It looks like he’s having the time of his life but isn’t spending much time celebrating, worrying only about that critical next at bat.