Howard Won't Face Randy

Ryan Howard isn't in the starting lineup tonight against Diamondbacks lefthander Randy Johnson.

Chase Utley will play first. Brad Harman will play second.

"Ryan Howard has been staying on righthanders real good and he's starting to swing better," Charlie Manuel said. "He's never played against Randy Johnson, and with Randy Johnson's arm angle I didn't necessarily want to play him and have him open up too quick because he's starting to see the ball good. He wanted to play, though. I wouldn't say he was happy, but at the same time I think he understood why."

Tonight's lineup is: 1) Shane Victorino CF 2) Eric Bruntlett, SS 3) Chase Utley 1B 4) Pat Burrell LF 5) Jayson Werth RF 6) Pedro Feliz 3B 7) Chris Coste C 8) Brad Harman 2B 9) Adam Eaton P