A Strat-o-Matic World Series

In Wednesday's Inquirer, Frank Fitzpatrick takes a look at a simulation of the 2011 baseball playoffs using the famous old game Strat-O-Matic.

Using 2010 player statistics as evidence, the simulation predicted that the Phillies would defeat the Texas Rangers in a dramatic seven-game series.

You can see the box scores from the predicted games by clicking on the links below.

- Game 1 at Philadelphia: Rangers 6, Phillies 5
- Game 2 at Philadelphia: Phillies 4, Rangers 3

- Game 3 at Texas: Rangers 4, Phillies 2
- Game 4 at Texas: Rangers 7, Phillies 5
- Game 5 at Texas: Phillies 9, Rangers 7

- Game 6 at Philadelphia: Phillies 3, Rangers 2
- Game 7 at Philadelphia: Phillies 4, Rangers 3

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