More Phillies Talk, and More Blogs

The launch of Rich Hofmann's blog "The Idle Rich" would have been the happiest day of my life short of my wedding day and the day my first son was born, but since I have neither a wife nor a son, it was the happiest day of my life, period.

He's a great writer. And, if you can get past the smarmy I-went-to-an-Ivy-League-school-and-you-didn't attitude, he's actually a pretty cool guy.

He also knows baseball pretty well, so head over to his blog today to catch his thoughts on the Phillies' current rough patch.


Also, check out our Olympic Blog, where Marcus Hayes has taken a break from oggling beach volleyball players long enough to check in on how the Phillies' prospects are faring for Team USA over in Beijing.


In case you are wondering, what you just witnessed is called cross-promotion. Pretty sneaky, isn't it? You didn't even know you were being cross-promoted on, fools!