More Myers, More AL struggles, More Coffee Talk

Yo Spielberg - a suggestion for your next flick.

How about, Indiana Jones and the Search for  Decent Cup of Coffee in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

This place is bizarre. Walked about a half mile through terminal E, like a pilgrim on a religious quest, and finally stumbled across a Starbucks tucked away in a corner. Except I gave up after standing in line for 15 minutes. So I trekked back to a restaurant where  I grabbed breakfast.

ME: Do you have egg whites or Egg Beaters?


ME: OK then, I'll. . .

WAITRESS (interupting): Actually our eggs are kind of, um, Egg substitutes.

I didn't ask anymore questions. Unfortunately, the cup of coffee I received with my meal had the consistency of a muddy puddle. It's never a good sign when the cream and coffee-like substance separate linke oil and vinegar upon mixing. So now I've got a cup of Burger King Joe that tastes vaguely like coffee.

Anyway, one of my personal flaws is I get really judgmental in airports. So on to the baseball. . .

Charlie Manuel said yesterday he hadn't made up his mind yet about what to do with Brett Myers, but he sounded like he was 95 percent certain of whatever way he was leaning. And judging by what I've heard, it sounds like it is going to be a little less drastic than promoting a pitcher from the minors, though if that does happen, both myself and Paul Hagen think J.A. Happ would be the guy to get the call.

Apparently Pat Gillick made a remark on the Phillies' pre-game radio show a couple of days that suggested they were leaning more toward using the off day to juggle the rotation to get Myers a little bit of a break. That also sounded like the way Manuel was leaning yesterday, though that is just reading between the lines, because he really didn't tip his hand, other than to say the Phillies weren't going to send Myers back to the minors a la Dontrelle Willis.


Yeah, the Phillies are struggling. But they've also faced the best pitching they've seen all season. We could go on and on about what that might signal down the road for this team, but that's another issue for another day. For now, here's yesterday's game story.


Note to the lady who was talking on her Bluetooth while simultaneously eating a bacon-and-egg sandwich at Terminal E in the DFW Airport: It wasn't a pleasant conversation to watch, and it couldn't have been a pleasant conversation to be a part of.