Who's the bigger hero?

Pedro Feliz is the obvious choice here. He had four RBI in the final three innings, including a game-tying single in the ninth and a walk-off three-run home run in the bottom of the 11th.

He also turned a double play that probably saved the game, grabbing a hard-hit ground ball with the bases loaded and no out in the 10th, then stepping on third and throwing home.

Kudos for Charlie Manuel for having him in there (Greg Dobbs started the game at third).

But I don't think the Phillies win this game without Shane Victorino, either. He led off the ninth with a single, putting himself in position to score on Feliz's hit. He then stretched what should have been a single into a double in the 11th, which put a ton of pressure on Dodgers righty Jason Johnson, who ultimately allowed the game-winning blast to Feliz.

And don't forget Victorino's great defensive play to chase down a long fly ball off the bat of James Loney in the sixth. That easily could have been a leadoff double that could have led to a huge inning, especially considering the fact that Joe Blanton walked the next two batters he faced.

Who's the bigger hero, Feliz or Victorino?

How about this: both.

Phils are now a half game behind the Mets.