Wednesday Morning Quarterbacks, Take Heart

First thing's first: you can blast Charlie Manuel all you want for leaving Jamie Moyer in the game to face Emil Brown, but it looks like the right decision. Moyer had been lights out for six innings, and the two hits he allowed to put men on base in the seventh were relatively cheap. Plus, he'd struck Brown out once and got him to pop to short the other time. Durbin was warm in the bullpen, but I can't fault Manuel for this one. Moyer just made a bad pitch. One of  the few he made all night.

Second thing's second: Nobody is hitting right now. Nobody. Hard to win games when nobody is hitting.

That's about what it boils down to from this one. In a game where the hitters don't hit, one pitch will do you in.

Geoff Jenkins is is now hitless in his last 22 at-bats and has just two hits in his last 37.

Here's the interesting thing about the DH: in the top of the seventh, the Phils had bases loaded with one out and Ruiz up at the plate. Ruiz was batting ninth. In most games, the pitcher is up. That means Manuel would have had to choose between leaving Moyer in to hit with a one-run lead and the bases loaded or putting someone -- Dobbs, perhaps -- in to pinch-hit. What would he have done? I gotta think he would have pinch-hit. And I've got to think that would have worked out better than Ruiz's inning-ending double play.

Feel free to disagree.

For those keeping score at home: Phils have lost six straight for the first time since 2006 and 10 of 13. Yet they are still a game up in the NL East.