Victorino Move Pays Dividends

Before tonight, the last time Shane Victorino had batted No. 2 in the line-up was Sept. 8th in a game against the Florida Marlins. Since then, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel had used a combination of Jayson Werth and Chase Utley in the two-hole.

But tonight, in the second game of the National League Divisional Series, Manuel changed things around. He hit Werth sixth. He hit Victorino second. When explaining the move prior to the game, he said he liked Victorino against a power lefty like C.C. Sabathia. He pointed to a game in July when Victorino hit two home runs off of Arizona's Randy Johnson and said he thought Victorino might have similar potential tonight.

"Lefthanders that throw hard, especially if Victorino makes them bring the ball down, he can have strong games at times," Manuel said. "If you remember, Randy Johnson, he hit two home runs off of Johnson on balls that were low. He's hit three or four off of some lefties, especially that throw the ball hard down."

Score one for the skipper.

Victorino had hits in his first two at-bats, including a two-out grand slam off of Sabathia in the second inning that gave the Phillies a 5-1 lead. The play was set-up by a nine-pitch at-bat by Brett Myers, who earned a two-out walk after falling behind 0-2 in the count.

Oh, and Werth also has a couple of doubles out of the six-hole.

Here is a list of players who have hit grand slams in AL and NL Playoff History.

National League


Shane Victorino, Philadelphia vs. Milwaukee, Game 2 LDS, 2008.

James Loney, Los Angeles at Chicago, Game 1 LDS, 2008.

Lance Berkman, Houston vs. Atlanta, Game 4 LDS, 2005.

Adam LaRoche, Atlanta at Houston, Game 4 LDS, 2005.

Reggie Sanders, St. Louis vs. San Diego, Game 1 LDS, 2005.

Aramis Ramirez, Chicago at Florida, Game 4 LCS, 2003.

Edgardo Alfonzo, New York at Arizona, Game 1 LDS, 1999.

Andres Galarraga, Atlanta at San Diego, Game 4 LCS, 1998.

Eddie Perez, Atlanta at Chicago, Game 3 LDS, 1998.

Ryan Klesko, Atlanta vs. Chicago, Game 1 LDS, 1998.

Devon White, Florida at San Francisco, Game 3 LDS, 1997.

Gary Gaetti, St. Louis vs. Atlanta, Game 2 LCS, 1996.

Mark Lewis, Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles, Game 3 LDS, 1995.

Ron Gant, Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 LCS, 1992.

Will Clark, San Francisco at Chicago, Game 1 LCS, 1989.

Dusty Baker, Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia, Game 2 LCS, 1977.

Ron Cey, Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia, Game 1 LCS, 1977.


American League


J.D. Drew, Boston vs. Cleveland, Game 6 LCS, 2007.

Johnny Damon, Boston at New York, Game 7 LCS, 2004.

Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim at Boston, Game 3 LDS, 2004.

Ricky Ledee, New York at Boston, Game 4 LCS, 1999.

Troy O'Leary, Boston at Cleveland, Game 5 LDS, 1999.

Jim Thome, Cleveland vs. Boston, Game 2 LDS, 1999.

Jim Thome, Cleveland at New York, Game 6 LCS, 1998.

Paul O'Neill, New York at Cleveland, Game 3 LDS, 1997.

Albert Belle, Cleveland vs. Baltimore, Game 3 LDS, 1996.

Bobby Bonilla, Baltimore vs. Cleveland, Game 1 LDS, 1996.

Edgar Martinez, Seattle vs. New York, Game 4 LDS, 1995.

Don Baylor, California at Milwaukee, Game 4 LCS, 1982.

Mike Cuellar, Baltimore at Minnesota, Game 1 LCS, 1970.