Utley still on same timetable

The biggest question entering Chase Utley's surgery was how long it would take him to recover. The Phillies' medical staff said they would not know until the surgery was done.

Well, Utley went under the knife Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and the answer remains four to 6 months.

According to a statement from the Phillies, "Utley had an arthroscopic debridement of his labrum and a bony lesion that was present. Dr. Bryan Kelly reported the surgery went well and the findings yesterday were consistent with the diagnostic studies performed prior to surgery. It is anticipated that he will have a four to six month recovery period as previously described."

Also, third baseman Pedro Feliz had a lumbar discectomy performed on Nov. 20 by Dr. Robert Watkins in Los Angeles and the procedure went well. The discectomy was performed on the L4-5 disc and Feliz will return home to complete his rehabilitation program, which is expected to require eight to 12 weeks.

Watkins has previously operated on Eagles offensive linemen Tra Thomas and most recently Shawn Andrews.