Uggla means 'Owl' in Swedish. . .

. . .and the Phillies don't really give a Hoot about what the Marlins second baseman said to Florida reporters after capping off a series victory against the Phillies last week.

'Our chances might be pretty slim to none,'' Uggla said. ``But anybody we can take down with us, we're going to do it. If we're not going, we don't want anybody else to go.''

Pretty much the universal reaction from the Phillies is, "Of course he feels that way."

"It's up to our players to go beat them," manager Charlie Manuel said. "For him to say something like that, that's alright. I don't see nothing wrong with that. Probably he should feel that way, as long as he feels that way about everybody. I look at that like that's a professional. That's a competitor wanting to compete. Nobody gives you nothing in this game. I always say, if we don't beat somebody, why should we feel like we have to go play in the playoffs or something. It's up to us to win. What he said, that makes sense to me. That didn't make me mad or anything. I just thought, well that's good then, we'll beat you."

The Marlins might view themselves as spoilers. But now that they've won their eighth straight game, they've still got an outside shot at the playoffs. They are five out of the division and five out of the Wild Card. They've still got six games remaining against the Phillies and the Mets.

It certainly is a long shot. But they could make things interesting.

My gut tells me this is a dangerous series. . .