Turning Points in a 3-2 win

It's late -- or early, depending on your vantage point -- so I'll keep this brief. Tune in tomorrow for a (hopefully) more expansive blog post about the ins and outs of Game 1. For now, I thought I'd share with you my top three turning points of the game that weren't home runs or long drives by Manny Ramirez.

1) Matt Kemp's fly out to right field in the first inning: There were runners on second and third and Cole Hamels appeared to be searching for his groove. A 1-0 deficit pales in comparison to a 3-0 deficit.

2) Rafael Furcal's error: Utley's home run was huge. If he swings he bat the way he did last night, the Phillies stand an excellent chance in the series. But Furcal's error set the stage. And while Victorino was technically 0-for-1 in that plate appearance, he deserves a lot of credit for getting down the line. Without a doubt Furcal saw him flying toward the base, causing him to rush his throw, and deliver it high.

3) Ryan Madson versus Manny Ramirez: Eighth inning. First pitch. Line-out to third base. Did anybody not think the game was over after that?

Much more tomorrow. Or today. Depending on your view.