Truth in advertising, the Cincinnati way

Major props to the homeless gentleman who was standing outside the Great American Ballpark prior to the game today. We've all seen folks carrying signs that say, "Need money for bus fare" or "Please help I'm hungry." But this particular man cut right to the chase.

His sign, written in fairly legible ink, said, "Why lie? I need a beer."

That seems as good a point as any to jump off today's ramblings. We don't have a paper tomorrow, but I'll try to fill you in on Adam Eaton's performance following the game. I'm writing right now in the bottom of the fifth. Eaton's settled down after allowing two runs in the first two innings. Through five, he's allowed just four hits, and the Phillies trail 2-1.

Anyway, here's what we're keeping our eye on this morning:

1) THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW. NO REALLY, IT WILL: I realize this is an annual topic of conversation, but. . .This time of year, the weather is almost as unpredictable as the baseball. We've had a pretty poor dose of it these first four games. We've gone from 51 degrees and drizzle to 49 degrees in overcast to 49 degrees and cloudy to 46 degrees and overcast following an hour and 34 minutes rain delay. Today, we've gotten a slight reprieve. Game time temperature is about 55 degrees, and the skies in Cincinnati are partly sunny. Tomorrow and Monday, the temperature is supposed to break 60 degrees.

2) BAT THE PAT: The left fielder's blast yesterday travelled an estimated 429 feet and landed in the second deck of the Great American Ballpark. He's played great these first four games. Charlie Manuel said after the game he's always been a big fan of Burrell's bat. Heading into today's game he was 5-for-13 with 4 RBI. Manuel said he's hoping he'll be able to leave Burrell in games longer to get him more at-bats instead of substituting a defensive replacement for him. Burrell played the entire game last night.

3) RYAN HOWARD: The first baseman entered the game just 3-for-14, and hit two more long fly balls that petered out at the warning track. He seems just a split second away from getting in a groove with his swing. Wouldn't be surprised to see balls start flying out the yard sometime soon.

4) BASERUNNERS: Between Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and Chase Utley, the Phils have three players who make baserunning fun to watch. Rollins stole his first base of the year today, while Victorino hit a stand-up triple to left-center. Utley is 2-for-2 right now, improving to 7-for-16 on the season.