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Random thoughts from tonight's 5-4 win:

Every time Kyle Kendrick pitches, I swear I feel like he got hit hard. Yet the Phillies are 6-2 when he pitches this season. Last week, he gave up 10 hits and the Phils won. This week, he allowed three runs on three hits in the first inning, yet picked up his third victory of the season.


What's higher: Chipper Jones' batting average, or the chance of rain on the average spring day in Philadelphia? It's the latter, but only because the northern reaches of the humid subtropical climate zone are CRAP.

But, yeah, Chipper's not a bad player. Three hits today, raised his average to .415.


I'm not sure who the player of the game is, Jayson Werth or Ryan Howard.

Howard's two hits were huge. But Werth had 4 RBI.

Is it a cop-out if I make them co-players? It's my blog, I can do what I want.

Co-players of the game.


Tom Glavine pitches tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see how much he has left.


Dark Horse Pub after the game. Meeting some of the hockey writers over there. No one's Flyer'ed up anymore, are they?


Werth admitted he made a little hiccup in the ninth inning, starting in on a well-hit fly ball by Brian McCann that eventually landed over his head and put the potential game-tying run on second base. Didn't end up costing the Phils, though Brad Lidge did give up his first earned run of the season.


Lidge is 10-for-10 in save opportunities.

It's hard to believe he goes 40-for-40.

Any believers out there?