The Stare Down

Roy Halladay isn't sure what got Pat Burrell upset. But he certainly heard the choice words the former Phillie and current Giant shouted his way after he struck out Burrell to end the first inning.

Burrell disagreed with the called third strike, and as he was talking to home plate umpire Jeff Nelson, Halladay stared at him while walking off the field.

Burrell took exception. According to our best lip-reading efforts, the left fielder inquired, "What the (bleep) are you looking at? What the (bleep) are you looking at, mother-(bleeper)?"

"I was looking at him, but I don't know if that initiates anything," said Halladay, who later allowed a double to Burrell. "I thought it was a pretty good pitch. He had a conversation with the umpire, I looked at him, and he started yelling."

Halladay did not choose to exercise his last laugh, though.

"I was watching what was going on, and he started yelling," he said. "But you understand, there's a lot of emotions obviously at this point in this season. He's a competitior and these things happen."