The Kendrick Conundrum; Hunsicker as GM?

I'm sitting in a coffee shop on M street in Washington, D.C. watching the, um, scenery walk by and pondering a question that Paul Hagen and I were bouncing back and forth in the press box last night.

If you are the Phillies, what do you do with Kyle Kendrick? In the short-term, it is looking increasingly likely that they will skip him in the rotation the next time around so that Cole Hamels can start on Sunday against the Mets. That, of course, is assuming Hamels doesn't throw 140 pitches and watch his arm fall off tonight.

Paul thinks that is what they should do. But what about the long term? He hasn't completed six innings in any of his last five starts. Since the All-Star break, he has 23 walks against 19 strikeouts. Lefty J.A. Happ, whom the team likes a lot, is on the roster.

On the other hand, Kendrick has done a lot for this club. They are still 17-11 in his 28 starts this year.

Here's Paul's take. . .


The conventional wisdom suggests that the Phillies' soon-to-be vacated general manager position will go to one of two in-house candidates: assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr., or assistant GM Mike Arbuckle. But Bill Conlin thinks the Phillies should keep an open mind, one that includes thoughts about current Rays advisor Gerry Hunsicker. Hunsicker was a candidate the last time around, when Gillick took the job. You can't argue with what the Rays are doing right now.