The Phillies were one of the big local TV losers in the majors this year

This probably won't come as a surprise to the plethora of folks who found themselves erring on the side of doing something else besides watching the Phillies this summer, but Comcast Sports Net's local ratings suffered one of the sharpest plunges in the majors according to a story in the Sports Business Daily. Last year, the Phillies boasted the top local ratings in the majors. This year, thanks to a horrendous start and a trading deadline sell-off, their 5.61 rating fell to seventh. The top five: Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Boston.

According to Nielsen, Phillies average audience was down 39.1 percent this year, with an average audience size of 168,000, although that still ranked fourth in the majors behind the Yankees, Mets and Tigers.

“The Phillies continue to provide strong ratings, but are off of their historic highs of the last couple of years,” Jon Litner, group president of NBC Sports Group, told the Sports Business Daily. “Ratings are up and down for our regionals. Overall, we have a few home runs and a few double plays.”