Taking stock of the payroll

The Phillies' Opening Day payroll was a club-record $130,844,098 this season, including nearly $20 million that was guaranteed to former players Adam Eaton, Geoff Jenkins and Jim Thome. Thanks to a club-record attendance of 3,600,693 and eight home postseason games, a payroll increase is not out of the question.

But the Phillies already have a considerable chunk of money - roughly $94.5 million - locked up to 11 players who are under contract for next season. Once they exercise the $9 million option on ace lefthander Cliff Lee's contract, they will have $103.5 million dedicated to 12 players.

Here is a look at where things stand at the moment in terms of salary. (Players who are not arbitration eligible are not listed.)


Under contract for 2010

Ryan Howard: $19,000,000

Chase Utley: $15,000,000

Raul Ibanez: $11,500,000

Brad Lidge: $11,500,000

Jimmy Rollins: $8,500,000

Jamie Moyer: $8,000,000

Jayson Werth: $7,000,000

Cole Hamels: $6,650,000

Ryan Madson: $4,500,000

J.C. Romero: $4,000,000

Greg Dobbs: $1,350,000

TOTAL: $97,000,000


Options for 2010

Cliff Lee: $9,000,000

Pedro Feliz: $5,500,000

TOTAL: $14,500,000


Potential free agents (2009 salaries, including bonuses)

Brett Myers: $12,000,000

Chan Ho Park: $2,575,000

Pedro Martinez: $2,450,000*

Scott Eyre: $2,025,000

Matt Stairs: $1,050,000

Paul Bako: $600,000

Miguel Cairo: $500,000

TOTAL: $21,200,000

* Prorated


Arbitration eligible (2009 salaries, including bonuses)

Joe Blanton: $5,475,000

Shane Victorino: $3,150,000

Chad Durbin: $1,635,000

Eric Bruntlett: $800,000

Tyler Walker: $750,000

Clay Condrey: $650,000

Carlos Ruiz: $475,000

TOTAL: $12,935,000


Off the books (2009 salaries, including buyouts)

Adam Eaton: $9,000,000

Geoff Jenkins: $8,000,000

Jim Thome: $3,000,000

TOTAL: $20,000,000