St. Louis kicked Philadelphia's arse on TV, too

The Phillies' postseason TV ratings may be another thing general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. should worry about. (Alejandro A. Alvarez/Staff Photographer)

Just received an email from a PR person from Nielsen informing me that 21.6 percent of all local households tuned into the NLDS. This is notable for two reasons. First, the ratings trailed those in the St. Louis market. Second, it explains the mob of socialists and Amish people that has gathered outside the Comcast Building chanting, "We are the 78.4 percent!"

 Here is the data from Nielsen:

Market Ratings
St. Louis 23.6
Detroit 23.0
Milwaukee 22.6
Texas 17.4
Tampa Bay 12.6
New York 12.4
Arizona 10.0

But don't get all down on yourselves. Just because a higher percentage of households in St. Louis watched the Cardinals doesn't mean they bleed redder blood than you (their elevated levels of hemoglobin, on the other hand. . .). See, the city of Philadelphia has what anthopologists refer to as a "nightlife," which essentially is a network of public venues where citizens can gather to do things like watch baseball and drink copious amounts of alcohol. St. Louis has an arch. The Philadelphia area also has a bustling higher education community, where young adults live in communal fashion while doing things like watching baseball and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The Nielsen research does not factor these places into its ratings.

A better indicator of market penetration is probably the ratings for the regular season, when most people spend their weekday nights watching baseball while sprinkling Dorito dust on the loveseat. Here, the Phillies thrived, garnering a 9.7 rating that was best in baseball.

The data:

Market Ratings
St. Louis 8.9
Milwaukee 7.9
Boston 7.9
Cincinnati 7.2
Detroit 6.4
Minnesota 6.0
Cleveland 6.0
Pittsburgh 4.8

Keep in mind that Philadelphia is a huge market, which makes the 9.7 rating all the more impressive. All things considered, you can reach one of two conclusions: Either Philly loves the Phillies, or Sons of Anarchy needs to produce longer seasons.

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