Paul Hagen names names

I urge you all to check out Paul Hagen's piece today on his recommendations for some pitchers the Phillies could/should target as the trade deadline approaches.

He leads off with C.C. Sabathia, but acknowledges that is probably a long shot. He thinks it is because the Phillies don't have enough prospects to make a legit offer. I think it is because there are already too many C.C.'s on the roster with Chris Coste and Clay Condrey.

This is a completely uninformed opinion on my part, but I would guess that if the Phillies do add another arm to the rotation, it will be more in the Kyle Lohse mold than the superstar mold. It won't take C.C. Sabathia to upgrade the rotation. All it might take is Randy Wolf, or Paul Byrd, both of whom he mentions as possibilities.

Just something to chew with your morning breakfast bar.